About Us


The mission of Sustainable Westport is to become a Net Zero community by the year 2050, where the community has reduced its impacts across energy, water and waste so that they are sustainably managed, using approaches that are economically viable, of social benefit, and environmentally responsible.

The advisory team advises the First Selectman, town commissions, and departments on determining and setting environmental policy and decisions for the purpose of transforming Westport into a sustainable green community. Sustainable Westport will educate, encourage and assist Westport residents, businesses, and the town to adopt sustainable practices consistent with this purpose. 

Six pillars of the Net Zero goal:

  1. Aware and engaged community
  2. Efficient, comfortable, well-run buildings and physical infrastructure
  3. Reliable, resilient, renewable energy
  4. Clean and convenient choices for transportation
  5. Responsible stewards of land and natural resources
  6. Address resiliency and adaptation 


Established in 2006, originally named the Green Task Force, the Sustainable Westport Advisory Team developed a Clean Energy Action Plan for the town which included recommendations to the First Selectman on measures Westport could take to reduce its usage of fossil fuels and to achieve 20% renewables (including on-site generation) in town facilities by 2010. 

Today the we assist Westport residents, businesses, and the town itself on on broad array of sustainability issues.