54 North Ave

Westport, Connecticut

July 30th, 2018

The Town of Westport is pleased to announce the first residential recipient of The Westport Green Building Award for Achievement in Sustainable Design and Construction: 54 North Avenue

Project Team:

Alfred Popken, Owner

John Rountree, Architect

Chris Trolle, BPC Green Builders - Contractor / Passive House Consultant 

This house, built in 2016, has average monthly energy bills below $50. This is achieved in part by its high R-value insulation throughout (almost three times the building code) and a continuous air barrier, resulting in exceptional air tightness; the 10.72 kW solar photovoltaic system; LED lighting and triple pane windows. The house is conditioned by a ducted air source heat pump, and water heated by an electric heat pump water heater. 

This residential building is the second recipient of the Green Building Award, the first being 500 Post Road East, owned by Fred F. French Investing LLC, a 37,800-square foot office building that underwent an extensive renovation, including installation of high R-value insulation, LED lighting, 247 solar panels on its roof and efficient air source heat pumps that condition the building. 

Jim Marpe, Westport’s First Selectman, said “Reaching Net Zero by 2050 is only going to be possible through the combined efforts of the town, local businesses, and our residents. I’m so pleased to see both businesses and residents valuing sustainable construction and renovation that embraces energy efficiency and renewable energy.”

David Mann, Chair of the Sustainable Westport Advisory Team, notes “ there is momentum in Westport to move towards more sustainable development and redevelopment. To get to net zero, we need to dramatically improve the performance of our buildings. It is our hope that these early examples and the leadership serve as guiding lights to a sustainable future for our town.” 


The Sustainable Westport Advisory Team invites Westport residents to submit an application or a nomination for projects that meet the criteria for a Westport Green Building Award. Applications are available through the link below or by contacting Sandy in the Building Department at 203-341-5025.