500 PosT Road East

Westport, CT 

First Selectman Jim Marpe and the Sustainable Westport Advisory Team announced that it will kick off the Town’s new Sustainable Design and Construction Awards Program on Friday, January 19, 2018 at 500 Post Road East at 2:30 pm. In September, 2017, the Westport Representative Town Meeting (RTM) passed a resolution that the Town “shall commit to using its best efforts to support climate action to meet the Paris Agreement and become a NetZero community by the year 2050, where the community has reduced its impact across energy, water and waste so that they are sustainably managed, using approaches that are economically viable, of social benefit, and environmentally responsible.” As a result of this resolution, the Sustainable Westport Advisory Team developed this program that will recognize those projects that make, or have made, significant contributions to sustainability and Westport’s future as a Net Zero Community. Today’s event is to recognize the first applicant for this award.

Mr. Marpe commented, “I'm delighted to see the hard work of Westport officials and citizens being recognized. These awards are an important incentive to those developers, builders and residents who are invigorated by the challenges and rewards that will realize the Town's goal of being a net-zero community by 2050.”


 The Sustainable Westport Advisory Team invites Westport residents to submit an application or a nomination for projects that meet the criteria for a Westport Green Building Award. Applications are available through the link below or by contacting Sandy in the Building Department at 203-341-5025.